At Rockup, we marry business analytics with engineering capability. This means we create impactful solutions efficiently.

Diagnostic Business Development #

Your business problems are unique and complicated; the risks and opportunities presented to you are like no other. That is why we don't stop at delivering off the shelf solutions. Our main service offering is Diagnostic Business Development. We cultivate strategic partnerships with our clients to alleviate their most pressing concerns by

  • learning their business
  • diagnosing their problems
  • identifying opportunities
  • designing and delivering solutions
  • driving adoption
  • and measuring outcomes.

We rely on a data-driven strategy for business development. Our goal is straightforward: to empower you to provide greater value to your customers, streamlining the process along the way.

Capabilities #

Rockup engineers have a wide range of expertise, including, but not limited to:

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Software Engineering
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management and Security
  • Graph Data Solutions

Though capabilities are vital, our core emphasis is on delivering solutions. In instances where we lack the specific knowledge or expertise, we collaborate with our clients or industry experts to ensure our focus on delivering value remains unwavering.

Diagnosis #

At Rockup, we follow a thorough diagnostic process to determine the risks and opportunities presented to your organisation due to the lack of a certain solution. We do not attempt further engagement with customers until all relevant stakeholders

  • agree that the findings of the diagnosis are accurate
  • and agree that the risks or opportunities presented are of great enough concern to proceed.

The work to develop a thorough, accurate diagnosis has the added benefit of clarifying up-front exactly what solutions are required. As mentioned previously, our single greatest motivation is to deliver value.

Diagnosing complex business problems can be a particularly involved process requiring an understanding of processes across organisational departments as well as the technical expertise to bridge the gaps. That is why we decided to marry business analytics with engineering capability. Rockup thrives at delivering efficient solutions with real impact.

Designing Solutions #

Rockup tailors solutions based on your unique problems and constraints #

With our thorough diagnostic process, designing the solution becomes straightforward. Our primary focus now lies in ensuring simplicity and seamless adoption. Our founders noted a trend in engineering-focused consulting firms—often (perhaps unknowingly) favouring complexity. In contrast, we aggressively prioritise simplicity, a choice that consistently proves its worth. This allows us to pivot on a whim ensuring that we always drive value.

What sort of solutions do we design? #

We prioritize understanding your problems before delving into solutions. That being said, most modern businesses require advanced data management capabilities to:

  • unify data siloes
  • democratise data within the organisation
  • and extract deeper insights from their data.

While our capabilities allow us to automate, secure, sanitise, enhance, monitor or even productise; it is likely that the solution to your problems are largely data related.

Driving Adoption & Measuring Outcomes #

Crossing the finish line, together #

The job isn’t complete until the value is realised. At Rockup, our commitment to delivering value is so great that we stick around after the solution has been designed. We don’t consider a job done until our clients have seen a measurable impact on their bottom line. In our view, a failure to adopt signifies a failure in our solution design.

At Rockup, hope is not a strategy. In our diagnostic proses we select a couple of high-value KPI’s to track and measure. That is why we are able to accurately determine your return on investment. Measuring the outcome is also the starting point of the next diagnosis; which leads to the partnership.

The Partnership #

Business doesn’t stop there. In our eyes, value delivery is just door to something bigger - a long term strategic partnership. The longer Rockup works side-by-side with your business, the better we will learn what makes you tick. The partnership is a two-way investment, driving a more profitable future for both parties. Our goal is to be the competitive advantage that your business needs to thrive.

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