Why Rockup?

Rockup Consulting is a digital services provider dedicated to unlocking value within your existing ecosystem.

Value-First #

We marry business analytics with engineering capability. #

Rockup was created by a group of engineers who were frustrated with the state of the industry. Simply put, they realised that virtually all engineers were solving the wrong problems - and their clients were suffering for it.

The hard part isn't the technology — the number one failure of the software industry is building the wrong product.

That is why we, at Rockup, prioritise value above all else. We do this by combining industry-specialist business analysts in the same team as the engineers who design and build the solutions.

The most valuable asset in the software industry is the synthesis of programming skill and deep context in the business problem domain, in one skull.

When you work with Rockup, you are working with a synergised team of individuals who not only can solve your problems, but also truly understands your problems. That is why we call our main service offering Diagnostic Business Development - you can be sure that the problems we are solving have real business impact.

Data-Driven #

At Rockup, hope is not a strategy. #

All our assumptions are verified, our decisions are tracked and the outcomes are measured. When we aren’t sure, we ask. Before taking any action, we document (and agree on) what a successful outcome should look like. If we can’t measure the impact of our actions, we can’t measure the value - then there is no value.

Simple, not Easy #

Taking the easy road is almost never the right way. We walk the difficult road with you. The difficult road leads to simple solutions, and that is what we are after.

Simpler Means Faster #

  • Faster build
  • Faster performance
  • Faster pivots

When you start from a data-driven perspective, measurements are everything. That means you’ll never have to guess whether our solutions are meeting your high standards.

Simple Means Reliable #

Serving your clients is our number one priority. You cannot afford down-time. That is why we will go to any lengths to keep our solutions simple. We do not tolerate buggy or slow software solutions on our end. When working with us, you can expect industry-standard SLAs (Service Level Agreements) to ensure that you feel confident in the product that you are entrusting your business to.

Efficiency Obsessed #

At Rockup, we understand that efficiency is a multiplier - it affects everything downstream; from your operations all the way to your customer. That is why we are obsessed with delivering solutions efficiently. That means we immediately calculate the 80/20 scenario to deliver the most impactful value as fast as possible.

Our software engineers, data engineers and cloud engineers ensure that we are shaving seconds and costs all along the way. If we are going to build a platform for further business development, we must ensure that the platform is lean, simple, powerful and efficient.

Every bit matters.

Uncompromising Security #

At Rockup, we do not compromise on security standards. Our engineers are security experts at every level of the solution, and our analysts stay up to date with local and global policies.

Problem-Solving Mentality #

We understand that your situation might not be ideal. Every organisation has messy data, complicated processes and rigorous standards. When we walk through the door, we come to solve problems.

End Note #

Rockup is a principle based business. We believe in strategic partnerships. We trust in open communication, deep context, human expertise, honest work and long-term, mutual growth.

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